Protest against heavy truck movement

Last Sunday, residents of apartments in Bellandur demonstrated against construction trucks using their road. The tipper trucks that run from behind the RMZ Ecospace (on Outer Ring Road) to Sarjapur Road via Oceanus Triton and Total Mall, are serious health hazard for the residents in and around this route.

These trucks raise a lot of dust, that gets spread all over the road, the gardens and homes along the way. In addition to the health hazards, it has deteriorated the condition of the roads on this patch and is a potential cause of road accidents (one fatal accident of a slum boy has already been reported last month).

On Sunday morning, we at Oceanus Triton alongwith Oceanus Ebony, Srinivas Signature and Navya Griha came together for a demonstration against this menace. Then the contractor and the developer came visiting. The contactor has promised us he will look out for some alternate routes for these trucks.
The developer-land owner was less accomodating, saying all the land in and around the area belonged to him. According to the contractor, work is going on to construct a software park in the back side of Ecospace. Excavation is on, the work will continue for few years, and that means that this heavy traffic will continue till then, if not for earthmoving, than for transporting the construction material.

The contractors don’t use the alternate path inside EcoSpace campus, because they don’t allow truck movement inside during the day, and the route along Triton is shorter.

Attached herewith are few pictures from the event anbd the sad state of the road.

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Satheesh A is a member of Forward 150, the residents association of Bellandur ward.

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