I Own a Bicycle, Do You?

When I was 5 I had requested my father (ofcourse through Home Minister, my mom) for a bicycle. My father said NO with a reason ‘I may end up in unnecessary accidents’.
I did fasting for 1 full day (I know Gandhian way when I was 5 😉 ) for pressurizing my father to buy me a bi-cycle. He buckled at the end of the day and new bicycle was at home next day evening. I donno the cost of the bicycle at that time but it was newly introduce Geared one by BSA.

I had bicycle (2nd one) till I completed my degree. Later I started using motor cycles. My mom given away my bicycle to some one without informing me when I was away in different city for my higher education 🙁 . Last week my mom was regretting for what she has done.

Recently about 2 years back I remembered my past … how hard I tried to get a bicycle when I was 5 and immediately tossed idea on my wife. There was a big exclamatory mark on her face. I decided and that weekend I went to Commercial Street and bought one for myself for Rs.2400/-. I was so proud to own a bicycle that even I didn’t felt that much when I bought a car spending 4 lakhs, 7 years back!

I started riding my bicycle to office. YES, to my office that is 8kms 1-way. You know what? With just riding for 2 months I break-even on the cost of bicycle with my car petrol savings 🙂 I started making profit from 3rd month onwards and profit making still going on.

Recently I was on RWH campaign and met Vel Ganesh, flat owner in Oceanous Monarda. Vel is a great lover of bicycle riding. He raised idea of forming a team and go for cross country every weekend. I like the idea and discussed on why not we form FORward150 Cycling Team. This team can not only for fun trips during weekends but also can participate in events in and around Bangalore. Who knows we may have a brilliant talent in some one who can end up as champions in Cycling!

Forget about global warming, saving fuel, etc … If you think you still have a child in you and want to keep your body fit then bicycling is one of the best option for you. If you don’t have a bicycle I request you to buy one and start cycling.
Willingness to join the team can join group forward150_on_cycle@yahoogroups.com. Please send your details like Full name, flat/house #, apartment/layout, contact # and emergency contact #.

Let us start cycling atleast for our better health, if not for a cause …

From my own past! 😉

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Satheesh A is a member of Forward 150, the residents association of Bellandur ward.


  1. As more number of people started joining our group not only from Bellandur ward but from all over South bangalore we thought its a good idea to take our group to next level. Now we have branded our cycling group. Its named as COCO [Cycle On Cycle Onwards]. Idea of COCO was from Tender Cocunut that every rider loves 🙂 So accordingly group name also updated to CycleOnCycleOnwards@Yahoogroups.com.
    Now we have 55 members in our COCO group.

    We have also set target for ourselves to inspire and motivate atleast one person per month to take up cycling. Its going good for most of the members and some are ending up inspiring more than 3 per month 🙂

  2. Great ! whenever u r riding a cycle you are also fasting by not consuming petrol ! while others are driving and polluting the city ! cycling helps u cleanse ur inside soul in this polluting city !

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