What to do if you are mugged

In response to the mugging incidents on the Outer ring road, the police have sent this information to the Outer Ring Road Companies Association (ORRCA). Excerpts from the mail.

With reference to recent mugging incidents that are reporting on Outer Ring Road, Marathalli, Sarjapur and Hosur Road. Kindly advise your employees

  1. What ever may be the case do not come out of their vehicle and raise alarm for help from car by switching on car alarm.
  2. Or advice them to insist for lodging complaint at the nearest traffic police station for the accident incident.
  3. Advice employees keep them local police stations phone/mobile numbers. They even can sms to the jurisdictional police inspector’s mobile no mentioning the exact place with landmark.

Contact Details : HAL Police Station: 080-22942542

Police Inspector, HAL Police Station: +91 9480801616

Police Control Room South East : 080-22943481/82

Master Control Room : 080-22943322, 100

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  1. I think we should not come out of the car. If they get aggressive and start damaging your car, best thing to do would be to try hit them, make them fall off their bikes and running them over.

    They are anyway damaging your vehicle. So, why not damage them and teach them a lesson.

    There are hardly any chances of the muggers going to the police to complain. Even if they do, you will be out in no time once the police realizes you have done their job 😉

  2. pt. 1 there… should the person come out or NOT come out of their vehicles? wouldn’t coming out increase the risk of being mugged!?

    does the police also mention (in their mail) any steps they are taking to increase patrolling in that stretch?

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