Inflow into Ambalipura Lake – another success story

Most of us know how difficult it is to work with government officials to get the works done. And works related to a social cause will take more time, energy and patience. But the following report makes all citizens to feel happy and ready to shower flowers on the officials who are quick in taking actions on matters related to the social causes brought up by the FORward150 active members. I congratulate all the officials who are directly and indirectly helped us in FORward150 intiatives.

Water flow into the Ambalipura lake. Pic: Rajesh Rao.

This is one of the biggest Rain Water Harvesting projects in the area, successfully executed with the help of BBMP officials, Army authorities (in charge of the adjoining defence land) and Lake Development Authority officials. Rajesh Rao, a resident of Trinity Acres and Woods complex took up the task to convince all the three sets of officials and conducted multiple meetings to divert all rain water from the army land (one of the age old catchment areas for Iblur and Ambalipura Lower Lakes) into the Ambalipura Lower lake.

Rajesh Rao’s efforts towards greening of our area, recharge ground water and bring back the almost vanishing bird species were successful with army authorities’ approval in making small trenches in their land so that all rain water that was going waste earlier is now being harvested in Ambalipura Lower Lake.

Water flow into the Ambalipura lake. Pic: Rajesh Rao.

Video of inflow into the lake during last big rain here

Ambalipura Lower Lake is located between Trinity Acres, Mantri Flora, SJR Redwoods and the Army Land. Recently this lake was rejuvenated with about Rs 75 lakhs by the BBMP Lake department and its execution was closely monitored and changes brought in by the FORward150 members. About 3 weeks back, FORward150 members took up weeding this Ambalipura lower lake bed and it was successful as we have covered a third of the area.

Ambalipura Lower Lake Inflow. Pic: Rajesh Rao.

We Ward 150 residents are proud to have Rajesh Rao as active FORward150 member who has so much focus on development of society, greenery and rain water harvesting. Kudos to Rajesh!

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Satheesh A is a member of Forward 150, the residents association of Bellandur ward.

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  1. Great work..keep it up and keep focussing on the maintenance too.
    Bangalore needs more such citizens and groups. Moe power to your elbow.

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