Update on Harlur Road park

Finally there has been work happening on Harlur Park in the past few weeks.

The contractor has built walls on two sides for the would-be-park. Levelling of one portion has been done, and a borewell dug – all for the contract worth Rs. 3 Lakhs.

Harlur Park, work update. Pic: Ganesh Subramanian

Last week evenings and nights have been busy with large low lying portion in the plot being filled with soil. The nutrient-rich soil is sourced from the Kaikondrahalli lake bed which is getting excavated, as part of the rejuvenation work. The contractor can do this only in
the nights, because heavy vehicles are allowed free movement only late in the evenings and night.

The noise has disturbed residents nearby, and one of them complained to the police. The police came and stopped the work. After intervention by Forward 150 federation, work was allowed to continue the next day. The federation has requested all residents to bear with this for a short time, keeping in mind the longer term benefits of a park. There is also urgency in completing this work before heavier rains set in.

Though BBMP has their usual park design in mind, the residents however hope they provide RWH pits and eco-friendly aspects like more trees, and not using water thirsty lawns.

Till date, about 14 truck loads of soil has been dumped and about 70% of the kunte has been filled up.

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Satheesh A is a member of Forward 150, the residents association of Bellandur ward.