Snakes that can be seen near Sarjapur Road

Disclaimer: this information is provided by Prithvi K, an expert on snakes, it is for your information only. Please do not attempt to catch snake(s) based on the information provided here.

Prithvi K, a trained snake catcher and resident of Sarjapur Road started rescuing snakes from January 2008. According to Prithvi, out of almost 270 varieties of snakes found in our country, only four are venomous. By learning to identify these four, we can allow non-venomous snakes to live in our surroundings, and maintain the balance in our ecosystem.

Prithvi says, “If you are interested in pursuing herpetology as a hobby/ profession, I suggest you do it only after proper training and in-depth knowledge in this area. For this you can contact me and I will direct you to the right person.”

Here are the snakes that have been found by Prithvi around Sarjapur Road.

Venomous snakes

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