Mugging… how I survived

PC, a member of Forward150 has shared his experience.

As mentioned by my friend, yesterday I was chased by two persons on a bike and stopped near SJR Variety (Few meters from HM Symphony gate). They started speaking in Kannada and I told them to speak in Hindi. They told me that I had hit a person and need to come out and have a look at the person and solve the problem, I replied I am sure I have not hit any one and if you have any complaint we can go to police station.

They insisted I come out and look, I told them I will come out but why not we call police and talk before them. (All the talking by myself was done with out shouting). They took out the mobile and pretended to talk to police, I also took my phone and waited for their response. Next they asked me are you sure you had not hit any one. I answered yes and they took U trun and left the place.

I believe I had a narrow escape from the goons. and the same gang mentioned below is behind the drama.

Few points I have observed after the incident

1. Mine is not a Karnataka registration vehicle, not sure they are targeting other state vehicle.

2. I was alone in the car, they may be targeting lone travellers.

3. I did not turn off my car so that I could move any time if they harass me too much.

4. Never come out of the vehicle even if they say that the vehicle is damaged.

5. Never lose presence of mind.

The email chain from Forward 150 helped me a lot in understanding about the gangs mode of operation. Thanks very much and be very careful while driving through Kasavanahalli main road.

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Satheesh A is a member of Forward 150, the residents association of Bellandur ward.