Life beyond tinted glasses

It has been two weeks since the June 5th deadline to remove sun films from cars. The urgency to evade fine has died down. The garages don’t have long queues anymore. They did make a lot of money though. On the last day, one of the garages in Bommanahalli made Rs 15,000 rupees, just by removing films. Albeit the owner of the garage was not pleased. ‘It is a lot of work for Rs 300/- per car madam’ he said.

Has there been a lull in crimes, especially against women, post the removal of sun films? After all that was the reason cited. Probably too early to say.

But here are things that have changed because of the sun film removal.

Air Conditioning in the car is turned up higher because monsoon is still evading the city and it is pretty hot during the day. One couple decided to wait till summer was over saying ‘at least this year we will cut down on the air conditioning costs.’ Laptops, wallets, blazers, laundry, veggies etc., cannot be left in the parked car. The first four for the fear of theft and the veggies might not hold up without the sun film cutting down some of the heat.

Women, for whose protection the Supreme Court had made the ruling, feel this is not a great idea. Women are now openly stared at while sitting inside cars. Earlier, there was a screen of protection. However flimsy or illegal.

I heard a young mother complain, that traveling with her infant has become harder since she cannot breastfeed while stuck in long traffic jams. The father added ‘yes, nappy changes too have become difficult.’

Also if there are no tinted glasses there isn’t a way for one check one’s appearance while on the move. No more mirrors parked by the roadside.

There is an entire lifestyle that has been built around tinted glasses that has to be rethought now. Who would’ve guessed?

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