More Citizen Matters writers are now book authors!

A couple of years ago, we talked about some of our writers who had authored books. We are now happy to share that more Citizen Matters writers have jumped into the bandwagon of published authors.

The latest (and youngest we may add) is Malini Srikrishna. Malini writes a blog online on Citizen Matters. Malini, 14, has just published a book of her poems on Amazon. It is said to take the reader on a “roller coaster ride of a teen girl’s life. It talks of best friends and bitter enemies that sometimes you can’t tell apart. Of dreams, death and loss, families, friends, grandparents, memories and menageries – real and imagined.”
You can download the Kindle version for less than a dollar (roughly Rs 50) on Amazon. Malini plans to be a writer and we wish her all the best.

Malini Srikrishna

Citizen Matters film critic Christina Daniels who writes on movies and other topics, meanwhile has been quite busy with her third book. Her book on Aamir Khan, I’ll Do It My Way has been received well. It is available on Flipkart. She has earlier authored the novel Ginger Soda Lemon Pop, co-authored Mind Blogs 1.0.

Sakuntala Narasimhan, our columnist of course needs no introduction to the Bangaloreans. A award winning journalist with a doctorate in sociology, a gold medalist musician and firebrand consumer activist. Her books include Sati – A Study of Widow Burning in India and Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay – The Romantic Rebel.

We enjoy bringing you articles from Bangalore’s talented writer community as much as publishing some of the best citizen writers in the city!

Keep reading and keep writing to us!

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