Why this Kolaveri for trees di?

The Kolaveri phenomenon still rages. Literally translated, the word means ‘murderous rage’, as is widely known by now.

The video spawned off Kolaveri derivatives in several languages, some comical, some serious. On December 5th, BBMP was put at receiving end of at least one of them.

An upset citizen and Youtube user, Debashish Ghosh shot off a video asking ‘Why this Kolaveri?’ of BBMP. The city corporation recently won a High Court case on it’s massive tree cutting plan along Sankey Road to widen the corridor to Yeshwantpur. The video is a drive with the lush canopy of trees on either side and the Kolaveri audio track running through.

"In Bangalore, the BBMP is getting ready to chop down trees on both sides from IISc Junction upto Bhashyam Circle…the murder starts in a few days time", writes Ghosh, an entrepreneur  and resident of New BEL Road.

"This is possibly the last time one will see this canopy of huge trees and I have recorded it for posterity…Few months down the line, we can record a video of the same stretch looking barren and naked…Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri of Trees indeed", writes the clearly pained citizen.

Ironically, just around the time this video hit Youtube, BBMP was conducting its groundbreaking ceremony for widening the road. Rarely does BBMP do this for the start of a project that involves massive cutting of trees, and it chose to do this after the court verdict.

Ghosh has also added a video of a drive from Bhashyam Circle to 18th cross Malleswaram, documenting it for posterity.

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  1. Please! do not do it! do not kill your trees. I remember the Bangalore full of shadows, even on hot days. So much greenery and flowers on trees – it’s beautiful and unique. There is always another solution. Do not destroy green. It’s never coming back!I fell in love with Bangalore green. Now I want to cry when I hear about the killing to what you have the most precious. It is a gift of nature, it must be nurtured, not destroyed. Do not kill the trees, they look after us, we should look after them.

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