Head swap

Transfer. A piece of paper with an order written on it. In the stroke of a pen, Bharat Lal Meena was lifted from the top of BBMP and placed atop the BDA. Another stroke, and BDA Commissioner H Siddaiah takes his place.

But why were they transferred? No reasons given.

These are top officials with responsibilities. Their current roles have a relevance and power that citizens understand. The same state government that seeks so much publicity for its much acclaimed accomplishments (see the posters of B S Yeddyurappa and R Ashoka on Volvo buses this week), does not even bother to issue a press release.

People have a right to know. So tell them. That is all. Set an example, a precedent for other governments to follow.

The result of not being open? All kinds of speculation in the daily newspapers on Thursday July 1st, the day after. Some reports wonder if MLAs didn’t like Meena. Others speculate that lower bureaucrats in BBMP did not like him. Still others say it’s ‘routine’. Another speculation is that major projects are moving to BDA (state government control) and Meena is moving with them. The officials themselves have little to say.

We called Mayor S K Nagaraj, who is also corporator of Sarakki ward. He said he had not been consulted. He wasn’t even expecting to be. Can Yeddyurappa not tell the Mayor of this so-called global city, so he can tell the people?

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