Night-out shopping

Film actress Ramya has come out in favour of extending deadlines of restaurants and pubs to 2 am (DNA, May 20). Minister Renukacharya raised the issue this year. Extending pub deadlines is one regular topic that comes up every year.

But does rest of Bangalore have to shut shop so early?

Nothing is open post dinner here! Outsiders term this a sleepy city, where nothing opens before 10 am and everybody closes by 8 pm.

Retailers may say there is no crowd after 9 pm. But there are more and more working-couple families who will find it convenient to shop late. They are always rushing to office, rushing back and dropping/picking up children from school or tuition classes. For them, weekday evening or weekend shopping becomes a chore. Parking spots are full, shops are crowded, the checkout lines are long.

Big retailers and shops in shopping complexes must experiment with later timings. Keeping stores open later can help reduce the peak hour crowds and traffic.

Imagine, you can stroll down to a nearby store post dinner and finish shopping leisurely, have an ice cream on the way back at your neighbourhood parlour. No crowds, no traffic, no heat. And more families out later may make the roads safer.

What do you think?    ⊕

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