Our writers are book authors!

Manjushree Abhinav, one of our writers has written a book, A Grasshopper’s Pilgrimage. The book is being released in Bangalore by well known actor Tom Alter at the Crosswords bookstore tomorrow on 16th of May, 6.30 PM. The event is open to all.

Tom Alter and first-time author, Manjushree will both read from the book, which is a story of a young woman who happens to be tugged by the spiritual call and jumps about, trying to avoid it. It is classified as spiritual fiction. One review describes the book thus: "A Grasshopper’s Pilgrimage spirals in directions unpredictable as it follows its free-spirited and soul-searching protagonist. This tale is host to a delightful motley bunch of characters: sufi babas, smoking hippies, freedom fighters and, foreigners without visas. It is a love story of a woman’s inner journey as she circles the feet of her Beloved mountain." Manjushree says it is based on her personal adventures.

Manjushree’s articles can be found here. Manjushree is also is a blogger, documentary filmmaker, and passionate about alternative health.

Our cartoonist Narasimha Vedala is also a published author! A incorrigible geek who works in a chipset company, he has authored a book on debugging cartoons – Dumps, Bugs and Debugging Forensics: The Adventures of Dr. Debugalov. Unfortunately his book is available only through Amazon at this point — we will keep you posted when it gets released in Bangalore!

Check out Vedala’s cartoons in his website.

One of our citizen writers and avid biker Manish Gurnani has also gotten going. His witty accounts of his biking trips are published here in Citizen Matters. His fictional short stories can be found here and he is looking forward to feedback.

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  1. The book is already available at Eloor Library for borrowing, even before the official release in Blr 🙂

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