“Wikipedia and the Indian Wilderness”: Workshop by Shyamal Lakshminarayanan

A workshop on “Wikipedia and the Indian Wilderness” by Shyamal Lakshminarayanan, was organized on the 1st of March, 2014, at ThoughtWorks, Koramangala. Shyamal’s presentation started with a short history of Wikipedia, and how the present structure of Wikipedia and its administrators has evolved. He narrowed down the field to contributions to the field of natural sciences, particularly in India, and pointed out how contributions by each “ordinary person” could somehow add value to the information available on the net. He fielded several questions from the audience, and proceeded to demonstrate how people can contribute both content and images on Wikipedia. Members of the audience who had brought their laptops were free to follow his directions, login to Wikipedia themselves, and contribute whatever they wanted to. DSC09921 The workshop was organized by Chandrashekhar Bandi and N Kesava Murthy, and Sumeet Moghe of ThoughtWorks kindly allowed the use of the office premises for the workshop, and provided refreshments to the audience. DSC09932

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