Why can BMTC bus stops not display bus route numbers?

One of the things that I find very difficult about travelling by BMTC is the fact that most of the bus stops do not display the route numbers of the buses that service the stop.

When BMTC (or BBMP, which, I think, holds the land on which the bus stops are constructed) can use so much space for advertising, why can there not be a mandatory display of the routes touching the particular bus stop? This would make life far easier for commuters.

In other countries, and indeed, in other Indian cities, this is a standard feature of a bus stop. Why can it not be followed in our city? 

I am sending a link to this post to the BMTC feedback section. 

If you have complaints or feedback, here are the numbers and email id :


For Complaints Contact:  complaints@mybmtc.com

Toll Free No: 1-800-425-1663

The contact details of Control Room:

Ph: 22952422  and 22537522

I have several other issues with BMTC, but I must also pause to appreciate that bus services have improved phenomenally over the past few years.

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  1. Some do, but the data gets outdated pretty soon. Digital signage would be a good idea. But then, considering that 40% of bus stops are unsheltered, we are a long way from that!

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