Why are roads being dug up everywhere?

At certain places in the city, I’ve seen boards that say Gas Authority of India (GAIL) is providing piped cooking gas to residences, so digging is being done.

But at many other places, wholesale digging of roads and lanes is going on without any explanation at all. On one small lane (40thA Cross, leading to 18th Main, Jayanagar 4th T Block), as I walked, I counted…yes…25 across-the-road cuts, with a trench having been dug along the length of the lane on one side, too. No boards,no explanations, no names of the agencies involved, no date of completion mentioned.

The problem is that what has been dug up is just filled in with debris, and the road is never laid properly for months afterwards.

Who gives the orders for such excavation, and why cannot there be co-ordination between agencies to lay the road properly after it’s been dug up?

Thanks to the opaque working of our agencies, pedestrians, cyclists and even motorized vehicle users are condemned to using roads that look more like the surface of the moon.

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