Where are the Vayu Vajra buses when one needs them?

I arrived by the Air France flight which lands at  Bangalore International Airport (BIAL) at 23.50 hrs. It most definitely meant that by the time I navigated Customs and Immigration and came out of the Arrivals area, it was about 01.30 hrs. 

I am an avid user of public transport, and there is a Vayu Vajra service (KIAS 12) that drops me at my front gate. I would have felt much more safe in using that, rather than taking a cab. But the service is suspended between 00.30hrs and 0700 hrs. Therefore, I had no alternative but to take a cab.

The Vayu Vajra bus service is, specifically meant for travellers arriving at BIAL. So can Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation not work with the airport, and run buses that would be a good incentive for passengers arriving on international flights, instead of suspending the service precisely during the late hours, when it would be the most valuable? I asked at the Vayu Vajra kiosk, and was told, “Madam, there is no demand, so the services have been suspended.” 

How will there be any demand for the bus service if it is suspended? 

I agree that the Vayu Vajra service may be losing money. But surely, the idea behind a Government-owned and operated bus service is to provide a viable alternative to cabs and cars, and not look only at the bottom line?

I am writing to BMTC, also, about this. Let me see whether my voice is heard. Meanwhile, I had to also shell out the expensive road toll, as well as travel alone by cab in the middle of the night. Bad show, BMTC!


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  1. Vayu vajra is a good service. I hope BMTC Will respond to the suggestion
    of Ms Deepa Mohan positively and run the Vayu Vajra service round the clock to help the Airport passengers.arriving early mornings.

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