What will happen to the Metro? What will happen to the people?

After the sudden threat posed by the propsed re-alignment of the Metro Rail track along Bannerghatta Road, homeowners suddenly were threatened with the destruction of their homes.  When it was a matter of road-widening, we were able to protest at the chopping down of trees and the increase in traffic; but now, the Government can say that it is developing public transportation and this is for our own good.

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After a storm of protests, the proposed re-alignment has been halted…for the time being. But there is no guarantee that our Government will not suddenly start the process again, and protect the interests of the Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology by razing our homes. (Which brings me to the irony of their maintaining that some homes will be only “partially razed”. Can anyone live in a “partially” destroyed house or apartment building?)

We are suppsed to have an elected Government which is supposed to protect law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. But now we have the fence eating the crop…and there is, as yet, no solution to te cost escalation that the Metro project now faces.  The sluggish progress of the Metro has proved a huge drin for our city and our citizens, in terms of money lost, time lost, and destruction of the quality of life.



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  1. Who cares? It cant happen to me. The gated community in which I live is full of powerful people and we will make sure that if it happens to us, we will get more than the fair market price so we can get the full benefit of the govt.’s schemes, maybe even get plots at 7 Rs/sqft.

    By the way, when is that freeway to hell coming up? We really want good infrastructure for increased interaction in that area.

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