Warning: Mugging attempt at Hebbal Lake

Raja Bandi writes:

A couple of my friends went birding at Hebbal lake on 21st October 2014 at around 6.30 am. There were people around jogging and walking etc. While birding, a guy turned up with a broken bottle and a wooden stick and demanded money. He emptied their wallets and then started checking their belongings. They were carrying dslr camera and binoculars. Luckily, one of them took the courage to turn against the mugger and grabbed the stick off him. In the process the mugger fell down. After taking a couple of hits to his shoulder the mugger then got up and ran away with the money.

One of my friends left with cuts on his hand and neck and the other was shaken with this experience. Please go around in groups if birding early in the morning. This is a very serious incident. Also, please don’t take any risks, in this particular incident the birders were lucky. We can always earn money at any point of our life but life is more valuable.

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