They survive…

The resilience of birds never ceases to amaze me.

All around us, in the face of “development”, I see so many birds which manage to adapt to urban life, and live amongst us. The crow, the kite, the myna, the pigeon… these are the common examples, as are cattle egrets and pond herons. But yesterday, at the busiest of places… the Silk Board junction, I saw these beautiful Red-rumped Swallows flying and perching on the wires!


Long may our urban birds last!

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  1. Thanks, Naushad. However, we do not have Honeysuckers in Bangalore, you might be seeing Sunbirds. Also, a Kestrel is an extremely rare occurrence within the city limits, as it is an open-country raptor…are you sure it might not be a Shikra, which is much more common? If you have, indeed, seen Kestrels, it should be reported to the birding community.

  2. Felt nice to read this report. Barbets are in good numbers in Bengaluru and also I have spotted yellow orioles a couple of times at a park near st.Johns hospital. I see a couple of little birds almost everyday in a bush in our apartment, I think they are honeysuckers. Also I have spotted the Kestrel quite a few times in our apartment.

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