The police can act if we are proactive, too

Harish Bhat writes:


I travel to Silk Board almost every other day via Bus and then take an auto to Koramangala. There are at least 4-5 autos parked below the flyover almost all the time. And, I’ve to haggle with 2 of them (they ask for INR 40-50 for an INR 30 fare distance), before one good guy decides to charge meter fare.


But today was not most of those days. Today, at 1:20 PM I decided to do something about it. There were 7 of them and I went ahead and asked each of them. 4 of them refused to go by meter and 3 agreed. I specifically told these autowallahs that I’d put in a complaint with the traffic police; to which they replied, “Jaao. Kar do.” (“Go. Do it.”) with a condescending smirk.

Immediately, I noted down the number of the autos who wanted to charge excess fare and not put the meter on. I went to the Traffic Police persons stationed at the Silk Board signal and told them about the situation. One of them went with me towards the line of autos and seeing this the autos  ran away. One of them stayed, though.

Anyway, I had noted all the numbers. The one who did not run away was asked to put the meter on and take me to my destination. But, amazingly, the guy refused, even the traffic policeman. The policeman swung into action and grabbed his keys and asked for his D/L. He did not have it. His auto was seized. Then the police persons, all 3 of them (Sorry, didn’t note the names) asked  me for the License Plate nos. and made a challan (Fine of INR 300, for refusal to use meter + asking for excess fare) for all the three autos, in front of me.

 It was all done swiftly, within a time span of 10 mins. I’d like to thank Bangalore Traffic Police for the superb response and especially, the three policemen (pic of one of them is attached). I request  all Bangaloreans to not agree to Autowallahs who ask for extra fare. Just note down their number and take a pic, if possible and then report it to the nearest Traffic policeman.


Only when all the citizens do their part, can we get rid of this menace.

Policeman acting on a complaint at the Silk Board junction, about refusal of auto to accept a fare or to go by the meter, 271213, Photo: Abhash Kumar.


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