The love of reading…and passing on that love

I was attending a book launch (“Junkland Journeys”, by Ajith Pillai) and from where I sat (apparently it had been the bar of the Mallu restaurant which used to be there earlier!) I looked down and saw this scene below.



Having clicked it, I found that the gentleman and the two children came and joined the book launch event, so I took their permission to use this photogrph in my blog.

Love of reading is a great gift given to us, and it’s even more heartening when one finds an adult willing to take the time and effort to pass on that love to the children. Vinod was sitting on the floor of the bookshop, with his son Anirudh and his niece Kayva, doing just this.   I got to talking with him after the event, and we had a very pleasant conversation. The two children were very articulate, too.

So it was, that one event…a book launch..turned into another pleasant experience. A big thank you to my friend Meghamala Nuggehally for taking me to the launch.


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