Some things you can do to minimize problems if your debit/credit cards are stolen

Today, on the bus, my purse, along with all my documents…credit card, debit card, driving licence, senior citizen card, and so on…were stolen.

One thing that helped me immensely is that I had made a photocopy of every document and had it at home. Also, I had made a note of the numbers to be called in case of such loss.

So, in spite of its being time-consuming, I have managed to block all the cards (an attempt was made to use my credit card even before I could do this…luckily, it was unsuccessful.)

All of us need to carry the originals of several documents with us. But if, without delay, we take photocopies of all the cards/licence, etc, the process of blocking them becomes easier. (Or you could keep a record of all the numbers in your computer too.)

And…please be careful. I was not on a crowded bus, and I got my usual Women Senior Citizen’s seat. And yet the zip of my handbag was cleverly opened and my purse stolen. Lucikily, I noticed it very shortly afterwards, and now all the cards are blocked. The cash is gone, but that cannot be helped.

I do hope this is useful for everyone!

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