Quick response to eco-feedback by IIM-Bangalore

I conducted the Campus Bird Count at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, on two days, Saturday, 13th Feb, and Sunday, 14th Feb 2016.

I had already mentioned that as birders and naturalists, our team would be carrying their own water bottles, and that IIMB should only provide for filling up the bottles and not set out PET bottles of mineral water.

After the count on the morning of the 13th, IIM-B hosted our birding team for breakfast. I noted the small mineral water PET bottles at each place setting and requested the Dean of Administration, Dr G Shainesh, not to have them

At breakfast the next day, I found that the bottles had been removed, and jugs of water and glasses were provided for everyone.



It’s not often that one finds such a prompt response to feedback. Thank you, Dr Shainesh, and I hope IIMB now stops buying and providing PET bottles which are extremely eco-unfriendly!

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