Misbehaving BMTC driver

Bohidar Subankar writes:

KA 57 F 1099 Volvo (500c) on 1st aug 2013
My wife was trying cross the road amid traffic to catch the bus, the driver saw her screaming to wait for few seconds but he left the bus stop.
I followed the bus, overtook and waived my hand and stopped at the next bus stop and by the time my wife can come out of the car he left the bus stop without stopping.
I followed it again and the same was repeated.
I was sure now that he is doing it intentionally.
I overtook and stopped the bus but he didn’t opened the door and started scolding as he was already prepared for that.
His behavior was unethical and unbearable.
As the frequency is less from gotigere, I had to drop my wife at jayadeva to catch any other 500c.
According to my wife, he is a regular offender with ladies especially.
He would normally move the bus a bit ahead while you are trying to board the bus or give a kickstart once you just enter the bus so that you loose your balance. If you say anything, he will charge back at you.

People with this kind of mentality are ruining BMTC image or other driver’s reputation.

I made more than 20 calls to B M T C customer care but not a single call was answered… Then I lodge a complaint online where I was restricted to tell the incident in 500 characters where it’s not enough to write the actual incident.

Please please share so that it reaches to the correct BMTC officials who can take some strict action against this driver.


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