How the police helped in an incident of abuse by BMTC personnel

Reshmi Nagendra writes:

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Last evening when I was returning with 2 of my friends in my car, I had one of the worst encounters with a BMTC bus driver and the conductor of that bus(K A 0 1 F A 923, route number 213 L). The bus driver overtook us from the left side so recklessly and that left scratches in the front of the car, near the headlight. When I stopped and questioned him regarding the way he spoke , the driver straightway started addressing me in singular and used fowl language. Since I am also a localite I was to an extent able to argue and give him back few sentences but not as cheap as he spoke. A few minutes later, the conductor of that bus who had no clear picture as to what has happened, got down from the bus, started abusing us with all the Kannada slang and even “threatened ” to break our car glass and physically abuse us. After this we wasted no time in immediately capturing a picture of the bus with its registration number. I called up 100 and was guided to go to Kumarsawamy police station and also the traffic police immediately sent flash messages. I have to admit that Mr. Nagesh V, who is the sub inspector there, gave us complete assurance that these people will be taken to task. In less than 24 hours of me filing an FIR , I got a call by Mr. Nagesh saying he has both of them in the custody. I was mightily impressed with his efficiency. Both the driver and conductor were taken to task, they pleaded to be forgiven with folded arms. I think this has taught them a lesson that they cannot take women as lightly as they used to just 24 hours ago.

Kudos to Mr.Nagesh and his team for their sincerity and efficiency !

Reshmi posted this to the Bengaluru City Police FB page, too.

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