How Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) invites public participation

Here’s a message that I received at 8.45 pm on Feb 20th 2016.

Public meeting has been organised on 21st Feb at BMRCL office Shanthinagar
at 11 am in connection with Constructn of Metro station in LaxmanRao park area.
Pl attend.
Srinivas, Chief Engineer, BMRCL 

If citizens are told at 8.45 pm (that, too, by email, which they may not see on a Saturday evening) that there is to be a public meeting the next morning (Sunday) at 11 am, how many of them can turn up? Sundays are planned with family or hobbies in mind, well in advance.

Can BMRCL not give citizens a few days’ notice when a meeting is going to be held? Or do they want to ensure that as few people as possible will turn up?

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  1. 2 items for BMRCL

    1) Citizen petition to accelerate phase 2. It would have taken the chinese 66 years tobuild Shanghaai 600km Metro at the pace of Construction of Namma Metro

    Sign this petition to support Metro phase 2 completion by 2019

    2) Namma Metro Peak hour capacity is woefully inadequate imo
    The response I got from Vasant Rao “Don’t get agitated…..” .
    What a joke?

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