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Ajit Lakshmiratan writes:

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Long long ago…precisely in 1977..when 27, I had parked my bike (Jawa MYM 2877) in front of Prince Hotel in Brigade Rd extn.Bangalore for a short time (No Parking zone).When I returned, a constable asked me to come to the nearby Police Station (Shoolay PS, now renamed as Ashoknagar PS).

Shoolay PS was at that time known for the strict rule book, no nonsense Inspector. My father was there with me and I was sure that he would bail me out at the Station like all fathers do when sons are in trouble. But at the station, my father changed tack and asked the Inspector to take whatever stringent action under the law. The Inspector was surprised that the father did’nt plead for his son.

My license was seized , pending return on condition that an apology letter would be written on a document affixed with Rs 2 Court Fee Stamp. And in those days it was’nt easy to get a Court Fee Stamp of Rs 2. It meant waking up early going to the Taluk office and standing in queue for a few hours. NO bribe works…because you have to personally sign in a Govt Register…The next day I wrote out an apology letter for parking in “NO PARKING” zone. The incident had a lasting effect on me…Since that day in 1977, I have been dedicated in following all traffic rules.

Forward to  2014…11th Oct.. 
Yesterday, I got a message from Manju Mehra that there is a Traffic Warden recruitment drive in Whitefield….Today, when I went to enroll as a Traffic Warden the very same  person who was an Inspector  then, Mr MT NAIK ( and who is a DCP, now retired and heading Bangalore Traffic Police Traffic Wardens ) was there to admit me.

Mr Naik is known in Karnataka as a fearless apolitical officer. It feels so nice to be among such wonderful people committed to ideals and beliefs..My special thanks to Manju for inviting me and Whitefield Rising for their commitment to better our lives in Whitefield.

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