Endangered species….

A greatly endangered species: the urban pedestrian.

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I just crossed Bannerghatta Road at great peril to my life. I waited about 10 mins for the traffic to ease, and still had to weave through vehicles which showed not the slightest sign of wanting to slow down for me, or the (even more) elderly lady I was leading by the hand.

If I, in generally good health, find it so dangerous and unnerving, how can the blind, the lame, and the old cross our city roads?

I also find it amazing that everywhere (not just in our country), it’s the motorized traffic that gets to use the level road, and pedestrians are supposed to walk up and over, or under and across, the road, carrying whatever luggage or parcels they have, under their own muscle power.

In our country, in addition, footpaths are full of potholes, gaping manholes, uneven-when-they-exist pavements (the height of which varies a lot)…the poor walker has to step up and down endlessly. Is it any wonder that pedestrians do not use the overbridges or underpasses, and prefer to walk along the edge of the road?

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