Dhaatu Puppet Parade and Festival

Having heard about the  

Dhaatu Puppet Festival



I went with my daughter and two grandchildren to watch the parade, which started from the Dhaatu Bus Stop in Banashankari, 





and ended at the JSS Auditorium, where several shows are to be held over the weekend.


The parade was a riot of colour, as you can see from this video:


There were puppets and puppeteers from all over the world:



Here are two  home-made puppets…Vaishnavi, the young lady on the right, is looking as happy as her puppet !



The group all posed for photographs outside the auditorium:


There seemed to be a small “sideshow” stage outside the main hall as well:



Though puppetry attracts a lot of children, it’s equally riveting for adults, too, especially those of us who miss this simple form of entertainment from our own childhood.


Here are Soorpanakha (her nose moves on a hinge!), Ravana, Rama and Lakshmana, with two mortals who brought them to earth!



MY family enjoyed the spectacle:



Do go and see some of the shows at


J S S Auditorium


You can see the schedule


iEverything is free, and you can often watch the puppeteers at work, too! A great opportunity to be part of a colourful cultural heritage.


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