Cycle Exploration Tour of the Kaveri

Gubbi Labs as Part of Path Of Mahanadhi River Exploration Initiative Brings in the Cycle Exploration Tour to Kaveri River

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Visit the Battle Field of Anglo Mysore Wars
The British achieved a decisive victory after breaching the walls of the fortress at Sri Rangapatna and storming the citadel killing Tippu Sultan in Action. We will explore history and visit the places of all important historical places – Sri Ranganatha Temple , Jumma Masjid and the Daria Daulat Gardens, Captain Baey’s Dungeon.


Cycle to Visit the Birds of Ranganathittu 
Cycle Ride will enable you to see the avian life in a different manner. Experts will brief you about what to look out for while birding. Remember December is the best season for sighting Migratory Birds.

Cycle to Somanathapura 
Somanathapura Temple standouts out as one of the finest Hoysala Architecture Temples. Explore the Unique Architecture Of The Hoysala Temple at Somanathapura.

Program Details


By Bus from Bangalore, and  Cycle Ride begins from Srirangapatna-Somanathapura Road.

BUS PICK UP POINT : 5-1-2014 Sunday
Time: 6:00 AM
Venue: Kanteerava Stadium,
Kasturba Road, Bangalore.
Arrival : 8:00 PM Same Day
Cost : 2,000 Rs
(Includes Mechanic Support,
Breakfast, Lunch + CYCLE ) 
Age: 15+ years.

Contact :

Murali : 99450 66612
Vedanth : 99867 77803
Email :


Registration can be done online also :

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