Collection racket at NICE road toll booths

On the NICE Road, I have been recently noticing people (apparently employed by those who collect the tolls) who approach cars stuck in the queue, asking if they want to pay the toll to them and not have to stop at the toll gate. The hidden agenda? They charge higher amoounts than the official toll. Eg, the toll that we were supposed to pay was Rs.52, but these people asked us to pay Rs.60. If they charge so much extra per car at times of heavy congestion,not only are they fleecing motorists, but they are also contravening the law.



Is the link to a page where, if you scroll down,you can see the image of the notificiation which says that if the traffic queue exceeds a certain length, the toll operators should clear the congestion by allowing vehicles through without collecting the toll. The actual words are: As per circular no. NHAI/CO/04/2016 by NHAI At every toll plaza 100 meter ahead from collection booth should have a red line. If the traffic in que crosses this line, you can approach the booth and ask the barrier to be opened without toll collection. And this is a given directive to all NHAI toll Booths for traffic smoothness.


is the link to the detailed image.


Contrary to this, toll booth operators are actually trying make more money out of high-traffic occasions.

Surely, the NICE Road toll collectors are also bound by this law, which I do not see enforced on National Highways, either.

I trust that this pernicious practice will be stopped immediately.

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