BESCOM opens new FaceBook page

The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) has now opened a FaceBook page.

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The page states:

This is  the official BESCOM Page, containing information about Interruptions and BESCOM Procedures. The Meeting Proceedings [ORM/CRM/Board Meeting etc] will be available in this Page. You may post your grievances here which will be attended and resolved. But for any immediate grievances please feel free to contact our central helpline 080-22873333 or just SMS your grievance to 92431 50000 in the format given below



BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Company)  has opened a new Face Book page, in a customer-friendly initiative:


<a href=”“> click here </a>


to go the FB page.


The FB page is NOT  purely a  Grievence Redressal Forum. However, they are working to provide help for general public and consumers to know about BESCOM procedures.

This page will also include the PPP Collaborations, and the  participation  of various NGOs[such as Ugly Indians] with BESCOM, to improve our services,and  to achieve our goal of becoming  No.1 in Customer Satisfaction in South Asia. Public suggestions oand opinions can also be posted. BESCOM officials, Helpline staff or any member of the page can post poetry, or writing, too.


Surely, that last line is one of the most unusual I have seen on any Government website (leave alone the fact that Government departments don’t have FB pages!). The MD of BESCOM, Mr Manivannan, is no mean wordsmith himself, and wants to encourage any literary talent on the part of his staff as well.

My suggestion for this FB page is that the names of the staffers associated with it should also be given; it should not be a faceless entity, like much of the Government is. This will certainly encourage a n atmosphere of transparency.


Wishing Mr Manivannan, Ms. Jayanti, and others in BESCOM the very best for such worthy initiatives!

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