Bat Rescue at Lalbagh, 13 June 2014

The second Sunday outing of the Bird Watchers’ Field Club(BWFC) in Lalbagh had an unexpected event, with a happy ending. U Harish Kumar writes: On Sunday, the 13th July 2014, at our usual 2nd Sunday Birdwatching outing at Lalbagh, an incident happened. A Flying Fox got entangled to a strong thread (probably that of a kite) – and it was dangling down from a top branch of Bottle Brush Tree by a strong thread. It was struggling to get itself free. Just then, the birdwatchers group was passing by. They stopped, and for a change, they stopped looking at the birds and started pitying this hapless Bat. Soon a small team comprising of TS Srinivasa, J.N.Prasad, Arun. C and MB Krishna got into action. They soon joined a couple of sticks and made a long stick that could almost reach out to the Bat. Still the ‘joint sticks’ was short of reach. Arun was lifted up to reach out. Success at last ! The strong thread was cut and the Bat was set free. It could not fly since it was tired. Later Krishna and Prasad gave further support and helped it towards another tree (Amhertia nobilis) nearby. It clung to the branch and relaxed. Kudos to our “Batsmen” who scored today ! A couple of the girls have video-graphed the entire episode. I request them to ‘hook’ it on here – so that all of us could ‘cling’ and get entangled !

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Bat Rescue at Lalbagh, 130714 Pic: Vivek Anand

Bat Rescue at Lalbagh, 130714


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