Are there any current catalagues like this valuable one of trees in Lalbagh?

Chandra Ravikumar, a volunteer who’s very active in Hasiru Usiru, has unearthed this treasure, and says:

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I was able to find a 1891 catalogue of the trees of Lalbagh from Wiki. This is the link. Does any one know whether a later one is available, or has even been compiled? Is the Marigowda Library open to the public?

Any answers from the tree experts of Bangalore would be welcome!

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  1. Uma Bharath gives this update:

    The Marigowda library is open to public and is supposedly one of the richest collections of Botanical references in the country.
    When I asked in the library a few months ago if there had been a tree census or inventory of sorts, post 1891, I drew a blank. Would appreciate any information in this regard.

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