Aadhar Census

It was a pleasant experience to have these two teachers from Indira Priyadarshini school over, and answer a fairly detailed questionnaire (which will, hopefully, result in my getting an Aadhar card!).



However, it occurs to me…can this whole exercise not be conducted more efficiently? These two have had to take off from their teaching duties for 10 days, as no doubt others have to, also. Why not employ other educated youth who are not employed, for this? These teachers will have to go back and try to catch up with 10 days’ backlog.

Also, they had to write the data with pencil (and frequent use of the eraser!) on paper. Can’t the whole questionnaire be done on laptops?  Surely that will save a lot of time, the entries will be far more legible, and there will be far less possibility of mistakes during transcribing from paper to e-documents.

My salute to these ladies, and many others like them, who are conducting this census across Bangalore right now.

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