Registering for Voter ID online doesn’t work

I am not sure which BBMP office I should collect my form from, or which one I should submit it at. (Naturally, they are both not the same place…that would make it voter-friendly.)

So I decided to register online at

Everything went fine until I tried to fill in the form; I was unable to fill in the Assembly Constituency Number (the form would not take any entry.) So I was..and still am…unable to fill up the form

Also, the link given on the Jaagore form to find out the Assembly Constituency Number does not work; I had to go to the BBMP website to find it out.

What’s the point of putting up such sites if they don’t work properly?

….Back to the real forms for me…

The form does not say anything about my having to submit a proof of address.But one blogsite says my proof of address should be notarized. But it doesn’t mention what document that proof of address should be…my passport, or my driving licence…

So now I am off to JP Nagar 2nd Phase, to  the BBMP office that is *supposed* to be where I should submit it (they would not give me the forms last week and asked me to go to the BBMP  office in Jayanagar 4th Block Complex)..and will try my luck….

Let no one con you into believing that it is easy to register for one’s Voter ID. It’s a ridiculous process where the clerks still harass people and make them run from one office to the other, and ask for this or that to be submitted. 

Update: I went to JP Nagar 2nd phase BBMP office. No matter that it clearly says on the Net that it is the Voter ID Facilitation Office from 10th March onwards…the clerks there flatly refused to take my Form 6. Now I must go to Jayanagar Complex office…..I don’t know what I will face there.

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  1. The Jaago Re website works fine. You should probably try another browser as it is a little browser-sensitive, that constituency thing.

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