Why I don’t think I will get to vote…



I have my old Election Identity card, but it was issued a long time back, and I cannot find any trace of it online at all. So I went.yesterday (Monday) to the BBMP office in J P Nagar 2nd Phase, showed the card, and asked the guy there what to do. He smiled (felt rather strangely) and said, "You have to go to Jayanagar 4th Block and get this card deleted and bring us back a stamped certificate to that effect." 


This was quite irritating. Why cannot the system do the change without making me run around from one office to another? But since that was what had to be done, I went to the Jayanagar Complex and found the office…only to be greeted by the sign, "Voter’s Facilitation Centre….Monday Holiday". The smile of the clerk at J P Nagar 2nd Phase was explained; he obviously knew that Monday was a holiday, and yet sent me there.

 Today, I went to the Jayanagar Complex office again. This time I have been told that since my name or the card number does not appear anywhere on the net, it cannot be deleted. 


 I am in the unfortunate position of a zombie..I am neither a voter nor a non-voter…I cannot vote in my old constituency (Shanti Nagar) as my name/card no. does not appear anywhere; neither can my old card be deleted. And until it is, I cannot vote at J P Nagar, as they will not issue me a new form as a person registering afresh.


And no, don’t tell me to go to the Shanti Nagar office, wherever THAT is. I suppose I will not be able to vote…there is a limit to how much I can run around, so that I can vote for one or another villain!



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