Kannada Katte at Brahmins’ Coffee Bar,Basavanagudi

A group of us had gone birding to Bannerghatta on Saturday, the 14th of March…and what better way to wind up a most enjoyable morning than to go to Brahmins’ Coffee Bar, that practically-heritage fast-good-food joint, in Basavanagudi?

BCB is an outstanding eatery. That is, one has to stand outside to eat, because it’s a tiny little joint, which produces its speciality traditional Kannada breakfasts, with the Chutney Master having been doling out chutney for several years….

Since there were 9 of us, we had quite an agglomeration of plates, and wanted to eat togther…so we were thrilled when we saw the "Kannada Katte" right opposite the darshini, which was, on this Saturday, empty…rather unusually!


(Pic: D C Manohar)

Alas, the image is rather large, so only half fits in..to view the entire one, please visit

my Photobucket image

The walls of the Katte are filled with paintings and photographs of various luminaries of Karnataka; it is a privileged feeling to have Karnataka’s illustrious sons and daughters blessing us as we ate and talked!

You can try and identify some of them in the photograph…or if it’s too small..go and pay a visit to Brahmins’ Coffee Bar and Kannada Katte, in Basavanagudi! Intense discussions take place in the Katte, and there is food for thought as well as food!

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  1. Address: Brahmin’s Coffee Bar. Ranga Rao Road (Near Shankar Mutt), Shankarpuram.

    Other landmarks include Ram Krishna Ashram(Go down the road and take a right) and Uma Theater- Take a left after you’ve passed the theater.

    I have lived in this part of the city for a loong looong time. Have passed this place regularly for a few years, but haven’t made a visit a mere once. 😐

    And I must have guts to disclose this in public.

    PS-I hear the coffee there is to die for.

  2. Clear address and location of BCB would have been appreciated by the people who like to visit from other areas.
    Even including the taste, price structure, cleanliness, environment, specialties etc. are a welcome information.

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