Only one road gets tarred…

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J P Nagar 3rd Phase is a residential locality where the roads have suffered really badly because of the construction of the Jayadeva Flyover. Last week, however, residents were happy to see the tar wagons and road rollers arriving. At last, we all felt, before the elections, we will get smooth roads for at least some time…


Oh, no! Of all the main and cross roads of this community, only the second Main Road was tarred. And that, too, not for its full stretch. 

What could the logic of this action be? None or the residents have a clue.

it is, of course, completely coincidental that the home of the our honoured "Maji Mukhya Mantri" is on this short stretch. He is, after all, a man of the people (like his dad is a son of the soil) and would never dream of having such a discriminatory privilege….

Hmm…we poor residents, as we walk along the potholes and the dug-up drainage ducts and the granite slabs set anyhow after road repairs, are still wonderfing how WE could get our part of the road tarred…

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