Footpath Mel Hodrey….

I read this post…

During a walk from my home to IIM-Bangalore on Bannerghatta Road, a distance of about 2.5 kms, I met with the following obstacles:

1.Open drains

2.Missing granite slabs that would decant me instantly into the gutter beneath if I was not careful.

3.Large piles of garbage stretching all the way to the road.

4. Furniture and other wares set out by shopkeepers.

5. Pushcarts parked randomly.

6. Two-wheelers parked, and sometimes being driven, on the pavement.

7. Transformers of BESCOM.

8. Huge dug-up craters, sometimes with cables being laid, sometimes pipes, sometimes nothing that I could see to account for the digging.

9. Families sitting and talking or eating.

10. Dozens of stray, possibly mangy or rabid, dogs. (What happened to the outcry we had some time ago?)

11. Sacred, and profane, cows.

12. Cowdung, by-product of above-mentioned bovines.

13. Other *&^%, by-products of Homo sapiens.

Talk about unlucky 13 for a pedestrian in Bangalore!

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  1. Could some body brave to walk on the foot path from Garudacharpalya to singayyanapalya on the ITPL road. It is WALKING HURDLES ALL THE WAY. Two wheelers think it is their road!!
    Three wheelers, Gas cylinders etc.,
    I doubt any body noticed???

  2. We Indians believe in multiple uses for any single thing. A footpath is more than a mere footpath. A parking lot to temple, living room to dustbin to toilet.

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