Trucker’s strike and one of its repercussions

I am normally not out in the evenings, but this evening, I was able to watch how, at least in one respect, the truckers’ strike is impacting our city.  Many of the petrol pumps were closed, and where petrol was available, the chaos was unimaginable. Long queues of vehicles snaked back across the roads, and sometimes down side roads as well. Two wheelers kept jumping the queue trying to get their chance ahead of others, and added to the mess. 

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Can the government do nothing right? If it saw the transporters’ strike coming, could they not make sure that there were stocks of petrol, at least? Does the hapless citizen of this city always have to suffer at every turn, after paying his taxes and being law-abiding? 

Do you think a single minister’s car would have to stand in those queues, or would the ministers be driving those cars themselves, stuck for hours to get some petrol, and worried about getting home after a hard and tiring day?

I am sure vegetables have shot up in price, and I will check tomorrow what the situation is on delivery of gas cylinders. 

Truly, our system is as people-unfriendly as our beloved politicians can possibly make it.

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