The light and life in Lalbagh

The morning sun shone through the trees as we entered Lalbagh today…

light in the juniper alley lalbagh 251208

The trees and the light together gave the effect of a painting!
sunlight slant 251208

The light shone on these flowers…
pinkwhite flower lalbagh 251208

yellow flower lalbagh 251208

cosmos lalbagh 251208

this little squirrel:

squirrrel lalbagh 251208

this lady with her morning newspaper:
woman newspaper lalbagh 251208

It turned the sky blue as a backdrop for this magnificient Brahminy Kite:
251208 brahminy kite lalbagh

and in spite of this white Asian Paradise Flycatcher trying to hide in the foliage, shone enough for me to take a photograph!

afp 261208

Truly, Lalbagh is a magical place of light and life….

It was a wonderful Christmas; we might not have celebrated the birth of the Son, but we certainly enjoyed the birth of the Sun!

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