Ragigudda Temple Hanumath Jayanthi…mini mela

The Ragigudda Temple, Jayanagar 9th Block, is celebrating the Hanumath Jayanthi (birthday of Hanuman or Anjaneya) from the 3rd of December. The area around the temple has been cordonned off to traffic and several stalls have sprung up, making the area a colourful, bustling one now.

One man was setting up his bookstall as I walked past:


at another bookstall, a policeman on duty was having a look at the books:

policeman at bookstall

There were plastic toys (probably Chinese-made ones) for sale:


So were clothes:


An incredible heap of ceramic items:

ragigudda china items

Some people were setting out template rangoli-pattern plates:

pattern plates

When the powder was put through these plates, these beautiful patterns emerged:

kOlam patterns

A stall full of puffed rice and fried snacks made a colourful display:

fried stuff stall 091208 ragigudda

Our footpaths are often scenes of vibrant life; I don’t know why we want to widen roads and cut down on footpaths….

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