Construction of Bus Stop…

One of the problems that BMTC faces in the construction of bus stops is that the land on which these stops must be sited, belongs to the BBMP. It often runs into rough weather with the construction of bus stops being stalled.

So it was a refreshing sight to see a bus stop being constructed on Bannerghatta Road, opposite Shopper’s Stop near the Jayadeva flyover:

I am not sure if the bus stop will shelter users completely from the elements, but it’s still far better than having people stand at unmarked places on the road while waiting for buses!

Hopefully, all such bus stops will also have identifying names, and will have the names of the bus routes that stop there.

Heartening to see this construction going on!

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  1. I live near BBMP Mahadevapura Zone Office. There is a new bus stop constructed, a feww 100 ft away from the present,unauthorised bus stop. The new bus does not obstruct the traffic, as was/is in the old stop, some sitting arrangement etc., It is good. But the Drivers of BMTC never stops here. I wrote to Chief Traffic Manager, one of the Sarathy patrol also has taken note of it. But what is the use. Management in traffic department is toothless(sorry for this word) and it cannot bring discipline to the drivers and conductors, with all the training and what not. It is only for venting our anger with no result. Can I see any improvement????
    that is buses stop at the marked places??

  2. Many Bus stops have only advertisements and not essential information for passengers like ” Bus Route numbers which stop, time etc. This information is a must for passengers. Besides let route maps may also be displayed. I understand some bus stops are airconditioned. This I feel is only wastage of money.

    B S Ganesh,
    70/9 Basappa Layout, Hanumanthnagar, BANGALORE 560 019

  3. Is this a so called bus stop? You must be kidding. These BMTC people must have lowest standard for work of any kind as I would be ashamed to call this a bus stop. Why dont these people have some semblence of imagination and construct these bus stops allowig for a little shop for a disabled person on the side with news papers and some chacolates etc. Use solar panels to light up the stops, and power up advertisement boards, put up benches for old people with electronic ticket to use, and use digital signs to indicate which buses should stop in that stop. Is this so hard to do? no it is lack of thinking and lack any form of innovativeness in these babus whihc leads to dumps being called as bus stops. Bangalore is the so called IT city and yet the so called engineers cant construct even a simple bus stop. When will these people ever learn to take pride in their work. Are they so far gone that they think that their exixtance in this world wont matter. Please stop occupying the earth for no good reason. Do something good to justify your exixtance BMTC people.

  4. Hope buses stop there !! There are two bus stops very near to each other at many places but bus drivers manage to ignore both of them !

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