The beauty of the Sausage Tree

Jayanagar, near the Ashoka Pillar, has an avenue (an avenue, by definition, is a tree-lined street), filled with, among other trees, Sausage Trees .

This is the time when the tree bears both flowers and fruits, and incredibly striking they are, too.

Here’s a flower and a bud:

061108 Jayanagar Ashoka Pillar Kigelia pinnata flower and bud

Here are some flowers, hanging down on their stalks:

sausage tree flowers on stalks

And these are what the fruits look like:

sausage tree fruits

The city planners planted such beautiful trees in the past, today’s officials are only thinking of cutting them down for "economic growth" and to ensure more vehicles can stuff up the barren, sterile roads without footpaths or trees….

Is it any wonder that I am participating in a walk that warns against indiscriminate tree-felling?

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  1. This tree has been imported from Africa. It is used as food in its native land. I dont think our Indian fauna have found it palatable.

  2. Can any reader enlighten me about the use of the sausage fruit ! It is said that it’s pulp is eaten by many mammals ! Though i have been observing these fruits being wasted for many decades, i have not come across any animal trying to make a meal of it. Any one with more information ?

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