Kannada and English…

Here’s a message I found on an auto recently:

Reliable, useful journalism needs your support.

Over 600 readers have donated over the years, to make articles like this one possible. We need your support to help Citizen Matters sustain and grow. Please do contribute today. Donate now

It seems to imply that the person patronizing this service is…a female horse….!

But it’s actually the Kannada-ization of the emphasis on the word customer… (phonetically, "customer-Ey")

Messages like these really add spice to the humdrum day….here’s another romantic message on another auto….

That says, "the mind is full of you"….wonder which lucky damsel the auto guy was thinking of!

for reading Citizen Matters, of course. It would be fantastic to be able to thank you for supporting us as well. For 12 years we have strived to bring you trustworthy and useful information about our cities. Because informed citizens are crucial to make a better city. Support Citizen Matters today.


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  1. Oh man, we should do a full fledged post on this and throw it open for comments. I used to pass time reading forums which discussed these messages in fascinating detail!

    My problem with not being able to read in traffic jams owing to riding a two-wheeler got solved permanently. I make it a point to tail autos in sluggish traffic now.

  2. Here’s one I saw few weeks ago.. ” Uncle offeesige ge, Aunty Taakeesige”..roughly translated – “uncle heads to work, aunty sneaks away to the movies”…

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