Organic Rice…delivered to your doorstep!

As I walked to the market one evening, my attention was drawn by this van:

It seemed to be a novel initiative to sell organic rice, and seemed to make a lot of other claims besides (free of dust!) I spoke to the driver, who said that his "owners" (he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, give me their names!) told him on the mobile phone where to deliver the rice, how much to sell, and so on.

Perhaps readers would like to try this out?

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  1. This post need to removed. The person is no more into this. Dont call at the given number.Thanks

  2. Yes Siri, thank you…stupid of me not to include the number! That’s the right one…Purnima…the rice is nice….

  3. Deepa- good catch. Wish the mobile number was visible, though. Please pass it on if you have it.

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