Green? Or another way of making money?

We are talking a lot about banning plastic bags now, and in BTM Layout, I came across this sign (at Disney Bakery):

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This (apart from the multi-spelling of "environment") set me thinking. There seems to be a lot of greenwash going around.

How, if plastic is banned, are we willing to sell it? Is this not just one more way of making money?

I think it’s time to BAN plastic bags, not just SELL them.

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  1. This awareness should be created among school and college students and make them teach their parents. please stop using plastic bags!!!

  2. I have seen this practice in many European countries too where it is supposed to act as a deterrent. On the other hand, In SLV the other day, when I pulled out my shopping bag, I was told that I had already paid Rs.3/- for a small plastic bag which had SLV printed on it! I had to refuse that and ask for a re-fund. If that is the way it works here, guess you have a point.

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