The loss of a valuable citizen…

There inature, conservation and bird-watching communities in Bangalore are deeply saddened  at the loss of one of their  champions, Deepak Arya.



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Deepak Arya was well-known to the rock-climbing and birding communities of Bangalore; he had been quite active in protesting against the privatization of public commons, and his last major initiative was for the protection of the Turahalli Forest, which was under threat. He was also documenting the history of the common vegetables that we use.

Under the email id of "z_axis" (he explained to me once that we had the ‘x’ and ‘y’ axis in a graph, so he wanted to be the third axis), he would send out emails on the subject of birds, conservation, and related topics, mirroring his deep involvement in, and concern for, the urban environment degradation in Bangalore.

Bangalore will miss her son. We extend our condolences to Deepak’s family. Rest in peace, and we hope you have reached the great Forest in the Sky.


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for  my write-up about the Turahalli Habba, which was held on the 9th of September, 2012.


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